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Aboard The Bread and Roses Barge, we hope to provide a community that can offer support and friendship to women who have suffered trauma through the amazing organisations that work so tirelessly to give another chance of life for so many. 


Allowing those from all walks of life to come together and experience a safe and bright moment through the gentle art of sourdough baking is one way to help assist the amazing work they do.

Bread and Roses first of all has to rebuild a barge. A barge who herself has made a call for help.

Without you, our supportive community, none of this will be possible and any contribution will be hugely appreciated.

If you'd like to pay direct in to our bank account here are the details:

Sailing Barge May: The Bread and Roses Barge CIC

Sort Code : 30 96 26

Account Number: 74388968

Alternatively if you prefer using Pay Pal please click on the link below

Thank you x

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In St Osyth Boatyard they have found a safe and accessible berth for the SB May and she has settled nicely into the mud, shortly followed by the addition of a gangway donated  by DuraComposites and their team.  Funding for a set of steps from the gangway to the barge deck from Colchester Catalyst enabled us to remove the wobbly box. Will be forever thankful, the combination of these three miracles have been a game changer for the SB May, The Bread and Roses Barge CIC, enabling us to invite guests along.  Firstly, to test our ideas with help from the Heritage Fund of the National Lottery, but then also to run workshops and events to build our relationships within the community and  organisations and professionals working to support wellbeing and the arts and crafts.  From this we are building collaborations with professional organisations supporting a wide range of issues for women within the community and beyond.   


 A donation of £500 from the estate of Shirley Shrimpton (nee Doreen Shirley Mockford), the daughter of Frederick Stanley Mockford, the air radio pioneer and originator of the international distress signal “Mayday Mayday Mayday”.   A chance meeting between Frederick's granddaughter Phyllida and Jane enabled the wood for the now famous Bread and Roses Barge Table

to be purchased and therein lies another wonderful story in our journey.

Successful funding has been sourced from the CVS Tendring to enable us to build on an awareness for cancer screening,

a topic that often comes from conversations around our table.

Donations too from our coffee mornings, open events, workshops, people dropping by, people hearing about us, sending us cheques, putting a £1 in the box, all this keeping our head above the waterline and helping with our running costs. 

Time. That's the often unmentioned thing but as important as anything else on this page.  Thank you to the people 

who have given their time sometimes at huge inconvenience and cost to themselves.  Our workshop providers,

the shipwrights and fixers, Gale our cover man, Clarkes of Melton for storing our sails and rigging, our boat people and boatyards, our tea makers and all our lovely people.



We are so grateful for your support and faith in our project and none of this will be possible without you, our amazing community, that surrounds us and wants to help create a safe and welcoming space for those that need it,

even if just for a simple cup of tea and a chat around the table.


Bunting Flag

We are delighted to offer the option of a gift card this Christmas: simply donate £20 and use our contact link to send details for posting first class.  (We are updating our website to include a direct link, but in meantime, so sorry for the extra inconvenience.)


A novel gift for family, loved one or friend to support the work we are doing and have a beautiful piece of hand-made bunting  to join our collection here on May.


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£100 +

Community Support

We would love to involve companies who too can share our vision for a safe and happy space for women to experience, and maybe through this work they may start to feel this trust and friendship in other aspects of their life too. It is only a drop in the ocean in terms of what is required to change lives, but if we can help to build trust and friendships, who knows what can be achieved. 
We will add your company details and links to our supporter page and extend an invitation to our events during the year.

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Donate: Our Goals
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