When we first launched this project in May 2021 we were bowled over by the kindness and generosity of so many people.


Before we had a chance to really show you what was intended for May ,the donations flooded in. This has enabled us to employ a heritage specialist to help with the application for funding, of which we have already been successful in the first phase with the Heritage Fund.


It has allowed us to safely bring her to St Osyth and carry out a full structural survey in order to put a tender document together for the rebuild quotes from the specialist shipwrights who have a long record of looking after these vessels.


All the support we have received meant we were up and running so quickly with the first phase of saving May.


We thank you all dearly for supporting us in this exploration.

Of course as we go forward there is plenty of other reasons why your donations are so vital to the outcome of this year to see if there is a real drive to save `Thames Sailing Barge May and be able to carry out the work we want to see her do.


As a thanks for your generous support, we are stitching a string of bunting which we will fly every time we share our space with others.

So far we have nearly 100 individual flags to add to our Bread and Roses Barge Bunting, nearly the length of May ! 


For all donations over £20 we will be very pleased to stitch a flag for you.

Your name will be on a flag, showing your commitment to the Bread and Roses Barge.

Let us know  the name you would like to be featured, this could be your name or the name of a loved one you would like to dedicate a flag to, as well as any important colours, patterns or details, and we will try to include these as best we can. 


To be included in this wonderful record of the support for May, just send a donation over £20 and details of your flag.

We will let you know when your flag is ready to fly.

Also if you would like join one of community sewing days to help us make these very special bespoke pieces, please contact us for more details of upcoming sessions.

Community Donation

Support has come in from so many companies that have had a connection to May over the years. We thank you for your generosity.

If you would like to join the community of supporters we would love to hear from you and your ideas on how you might like to be involved with this vision.

Just like the individual links of her anchor chain, each and every one of you that gets involved is so important.

We are so proud to have had so many companies and organisations already committed to The Bread and Roses Barge's vision of the future

If you would like to join this growing community of supporters please send us your details using the form, we look forward to hearing from you. 

All donations over £100 will be automatically added to the growing band of Bread and Roses Barge patrons.


Archive Collection

MAY was 130 years old the day we moved her from Pin Mill to St Osyth ready for her next chapter to begin

As you can imagine in those years she has built up a large collection of archive material collected by her previous owners. However there are many gaps and we are always keen to hear from you that have a connection to MAY, her Owners or the mills and docks she visited regularly.

We are also planning a number of heritage open days to share the information with you. If you would like further details it would great to hear from you.

Calling all artists

Throughout the process of the restoration of Thames Sailing Barge May we are recording each step using different mediums.

From photography paint and printmaking to in the moment installations we are asking you to be involved with the process of ensuring this story is told in many different ways as possible.


Community groups, artists, photographers, potters, sculptures, florists, textile artist, knitters, poets, musicians all are welcome to join in.   Let us know if you have something we can add to our story.

We are planning our first exhibition in September to show how this can be interpreted.  We will be calling for artists soon as part of our launch of the Yarmouth Roads Gallery! An online gallery, the commission from which will be used towards our funding goals to restore May.  If you have some work you would like to add then get in touch, we would love to hear from you! 


There are many ways to volunteer a few moments of your time.

We would love to hear from you if you would like to join us on this amazing journey to see if it is possible to save May for future generations.

From helping on our open days, to getting May ready to receive guests or if you are a good tea maker we have plenty to do.

Once she is in the dry dock there will be opportunities to be involved in different aspects of that work.

We are also looking for archive lovers who can help protect her large collections of papers.

How to get involved

We would love to hear from you....

Thanks for submitting!

We are keen to get you involved with our vision for Thames Sailing Barge May. 

There are many ways be a part of this vision, all of which are of great importance to The Bread and Roses Barge team. 

Calling all







Come and join us x