Where the Passion Begins


Over thirty years involved with barges, very much a visiting girlfriend then in time wife, Connie's barge adventures started in 1983 with the Lady Daphne, the Beric and then in particular with SB May. Connie's husband Gerald went from third hand to Skipper, travelled to a vast number of ports around the UK and also Belguim, Holland and France spending long periods away from home. Connie never hesitated for an opportunity to join Gerald wherever he was on his travels and would often gather the children and a bag, jump on a train or ferry and off they went, wherever. Later, welcoming aboard guests from all walks of life to share a few hours with them on May.

It is this welcome that we all remember, which formed the seed of inspiration for this project. It is the timbers of her hold and the warmth they shared to the people who were lucky enough to be welcomed aboard.

Before the children and being introduced to Suffolk life, a senior executive secretary and administrator with a lifetime interest in art & William Morris.  Now an aspiring artist and potter, it is hoped these elements will be incorporated into the future life of May.

Bringing up two children and now grandchildren with a barge in their lives is a very magical thing. It is hoped they all will remain closely involved with May.