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Maisie Dyvig

Our Baker

Maisie Dyvig is a baker and a cook based in Manningtree, Essex. From a young age Maisie has been surrounded by people growing, selling, cooking and eating delicious food. Her parents set up a whole food shop when she was born, The Wholefood Store in Manningtree, which continues to run today. This experience forged her deep fascination with food - the way we consume it, source it, and the role it plays in binding communities together.

Maisie studied anthropology where she explored themes of food justice, food sovereignty and connection to land and place through food. After graduating from university, she opened a café and then went on to work as a chef in and around London where she met Henrietta Inman. They went on to set up Wakelyns Bakery at Wakelyns agroforestry farm in Suffolk where they worked with the Wakelyns YQ population wheat and a diversity of apples, pears, plums, quince and cherries growing in the tree lines. They lived, baked and ate with the seasons and found the monumental value of delicious, health-full and alive food that is grown in healthy soil by kind folk. At Wakelyns Maisie learnt how to bake wholemeal sourdough bread using non-commodity, UK-grown grains. She met farmers, growers, millers, scientists, cooks, bakers and academics and worked with Small Food Bakery and UK Grain Lab. 

Maisie believes that making and eating truly beautiful food, from a system of love and care of our land and people, is incredibly healing and fulfilling. She looks forward to working with the Bread and Roses barge, where she hopes to share her knowledge and empower people to bake bread for themselves and their communities.

Maisie Dyvig
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