Aboard The Bread and Roses Barge, we hope to provide a community that can offer support and friendship to women who have suffered trauma through the amazing organisations that work so tirelessly to give another chance of life for so many. 


 Allowing those from all walks of life to come together and experience a safe and bright moment through the gentle art of sourdough baking is one way to help assist the amazing work they do.

Bread and Roses first of all has to rebuild a barge. A barge who herself has made a call for help.

Without you, our supportive community, none of this will be possible and any contribution will be hugely appreciated.

Thank you x


Total estimated funding needed: £1.4 million

The team have decided Sailing Barge May would benefit from being moved to St Osyth Boatyard. They have found a safe berth for her for one year to allow the team to determine if there is a real passion for raising the funds to have May restored, ready to carry her special cargo. Here there is the experience and facilities to take care of her while awaiting the outcome of this initiative, and then to carry out the necessary works to get her underway once more.


Within the first week of launching our project, thanks to all your incredible support, we reached our Phase One goal of £4000. These initial resources will enable the team to approach a Heritage Specialist who will work with us to help access the necessary support from the Heritage Lottery Fund, ensuring the best chance of success for the Bread and Roses Barge. If this is successful we will need to raise a further £11,000 to complete the application to the Heritage Lottery Fund. This will give us access to the relevant grants to help us reach our total goal of £1.4 million, enabling us to restore SB May and make our dream for the Bread and Roses Barge become a reality.

We are so grateful for your support and faith in our project and none of this will be possible without you, our amazing community, that surrounds us and wants to help create a safe space for those that need it.


Bunting Flag

To be able to get to know those of you who already have faith in the project at such a young stage that you are prepared to entrust us with your contribution is really important to the team. In thanks we are stitching a string of bunting which we will fly every time we are sharing our space with others. Your name will be on a flag showing your commitment to The Bread & Roses Barge. The bunting already stretches the whole of May's 82' length - its amazing !

£100 +

Community Support

We would love to involve companies who too can share our vision for a safe and happy space for women to experience, and maybe through this work they may start to feel this trust and friendship in other aspects of their life too. It is only a drop in the ocean in terms of what is required to change lives, but if we can help to build trust and friendships, who knows what can be achieved. 
We will add your company details and links to our supporter page and extend an invitation to our events during the year.

Without you this can not happen
It will take a community that cares to make a difference to others around us