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How far we have come

Helen Swift

23 Jul 2021

We have made it round the corner

Leaving Pin Mill on the anniversary of her launch on the 22nd July 1891 was an amazing coincidence for the team. We had been watching the weather forecasts for what seemed weeks to try and give May the best chance for a safe passage round to the hard at Brightlingsea.
Then on Thursday, with all the weather guys saying it was a still, calm day with any wind giving her a helping hand, we gathered aboard in the hope the tide would make up enough to get her off the high berth she had been protected by at Pin Mill. Water started to swill about her bow but would it lift her enough, we waited and waited.
Then suddenly she decided she was off and the passage round was underway.
We made good time with Jane's husband Andy at the helm with Gus Curtis as mate. The weather gods gave us a good window and she was back in Essex.
An Essex girl through and through.

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