Choose Your Bread & Roses Barge Group

  • May Galley Crew

    Every month
    Share baking tips, recipes and sustainable food sourcing.
    • Share Sourdough tips
    • Explore new sourdough recipes
    • Ways to use up discard
    • Discover amazing sustainable food sources
    • Get involved in the Sail Cargo Movement
    • Opportunities to purchase wonderful products
    • Early Bird notification for Food Tasting Events
    • Discounted tickets for Supper and Share Events
    • First to know about the workshops offered
    • Blogs and Newletters
    • Vouchers for our Food Partners
  • Yarmouth Roads Crew

    Every month
    A place where artists can come to discover SB May though art
    • Regular Thursday workshops
    • Demonstrations of different techniques
    • May We Stitch & Chat Group
    • Guided walks and workshops
    • Photography opportunities
    • Entry into our annual image competition
    • Access to our submission dates to exhibit in our shows
    • Early notification of guest led workshops
  • May Wellbeing Crew

    Every month
    Join us in a variety of gatherings to improve our wellbeing
    • Access to regular podcasts with our guests
    • Wellbeing activities both aboard May & virtual
    • Access to a variety of groups who offer support
    • Community group support to aid personal growth
    • Access to the Hold to experience the calm atmosphere
    • Regular updates
  • May Archive Crew

    Every month
    An opportunity to investigate the history of SB May
    • Access to the May's archive material
    • Notification of talks on the history of the Thames Barges
    • Invitation to the Lets Share Our Information Days
    • Opportunities to record your connection for our archive
    • Exclusive prints of SB MAY during her restoration
  • May We Help Crew

    Every month
    The hands on team who take care of May
    • Practical work days to help with the upkeep
    • Opportunities to learn new skills
    • Regular speakers from the industry
    • Notification of 'Shipwright Suppers'
    • Opportunities to visit with other historic craft
    • Workshop Days
    • Women In Boatbuilding network access
    • Regular Blogs
    • Newsletters
    • Early Notification of Laying Up Supper dates