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Karen Stimpson


Karen is a local girl, having lived in Tendring since the age of 10.

Karen has a Public Health qualification and has worked across Essex in various community-based NHS roles for nearly 20 years.  She is passionate about health and wellbeing, and helping people improve their health and long- term outcomes. Karen has worked on projects such as the Youth Health Champions with secondary school children and My Weight Matters which helped workplaces and community to reach their goals to healthier and fitter lifestyles.

Karen is very excited to be a part of the SB May team and the journey that this very special 100yr+ old lady, SB May, is embarking on.  The innovation of opening a Community Bakery and taking her place in the centre of the Tendring community, flinging open her hatches to welcome people from all walks of life, to come aboard and spend time in the specially renovated below deck space.

Karen Stimpson
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