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Newsletter March 2024

Hello to all and Welcome to those who have more recently opted in to hear SBMay's news!


With our new look website and the third anniversary of launching  ‘One Year, One Barge, One Goal ’ fast approaching , we thought it would be a good time to reconnect!


Our campaign to raise awareness, support and funding for the Bread and Roses project (turning Sailing Barge May into a community Bakery) is ongoing.  The long term plan is to follow SBMay's historical trading route along the Thames stopping at different ports as a Bakery and for community baking days.  


SBMay is berthed at St.Osyth  boatyard.  Whilst her outward appearance may appear to be unchanged, it is what has been going on aboard where progress has been made during the last three years.  Being resident at St.Osyth boatyard has afforded invaluable opportunities to build relationships with local community organisations.   With the support of volunteers, professional  Artists, Creatives and Industry specialists, we have hosted a wealth of activities to improve mental health and wellbeing for people in Tendring. Examples include Rope Splicing, Yoga, Life Drawing,  Art , Clay and Sewing workshops, guest speakers sharing knowledge, expertise and experience of Breast Cancer and Menopause.  This has involved building relationships with charities such as Next Chapter, Harwich Homestart, Carers First and MIND (click on links to find out more about their work).

Feedback from people who took part in activities was resoundingly positive. Our commitment to making SBMay an asset for people in Tendring would not have been possible without people volunteering their time, funding and donations from individuals and local organisations.  Please do take a moment to find out more about their generosity here.


As well as activities aboard SBMay, there have been significant developments with the Bread and Roses Team.  So much of the process is learned along the way! The roles of the founding members have changed.  Connie is investing time and energy archiving to build the profile of SBMay’s rich heritage.  Jane has been working with volunteers to expand the team and establish roles for the governance of Bread and Roses as a Community Interest Company.  We are so lucky to have volunteers who are sharing their time and experience to make this happen.  Once this is formally established, then the Bread and Roses project will be better positioned to gain funding support at a national level.  


You may be able to help us complete our circle of governance...we are seeking support from a volunteer with experience of applying for and sourcing funding.  If you are interested and would consider it, please get in touch via email.


What about the Bakery?   Working in partnership with WIBB and our Baker Maisie, plans have been drawn up for fitting the Bakery.  The transformation has begun ...

We are now aiming to install the Bakery to celebrate the third anniversary of launching the Bread and Roses project....By 1st May 2024, we need to raise £25,000 to buy the equipment and fittings for the Bakery.  We know that the cost of living is high and appreciate this is big ask!  If you have donated before; thank you for helping us get this far!  If you’d like to donate , click here.  If you know of or if you are Business Owner who would like to donate equipment or funds please get in touch here


Thanks for taking the time to catch up on the B & R news! We genuinely value the support, time and enthusiasm so many people have given to the project so far. Your help takes us closer to reaching our goal!

The Bread & Roses team x

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