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Updated: Apr 4, 2022

When we first contacted organisations about becoming involved with the Bread and Roses Barge and the emails started to flow backwards and forwards, it really didn't sink in what an important moment for all of us it was going to be when we actually sat down at our table on May to share a meal.

Complete strangers, acquaintances, friends of old, new friends all sharing a very special moment together.

For most of us this was the first real life meet-up most of us had experienced in over 18 months. Did we sit together, did we wear masks, did we shake hands, we just didn't know how to be at ease to be honest.

Gradually though the chat started and the conversation flowed, finding out about each other in a very gently way, realising we had all been through a very strange time and just the simple task of sitting together was going to take a bit of time.

The coffee was very good, Jane always makes sure of that, the cakes were offered and the coats were removed. The sourdough demo was underway and once it was established the only thing that was asked was to enjoy the hot loaf from the galley oven in a hour or so, hands were willingly offered to feel the different stages of this very gently process.

More coffee, more shared thoughts, more ideas continued

to flow. The heating is on in the hold so the cosy warm feeling was starting to seep through our very special guests.

Finding out about each other from a simple question noting the accent of one or two rolled into a lovely discussion on earlier lives and paths.

Lunch was shared along with the new loaf of sourdough and a relaxed afternoon involving a little more cake unfolded. Then the clock on the shelf was suddenly spotted and the time bounced back into the lives of these wonderful women, time had stood still for awhile, a breathing space, a reset.

If we had doubted that others might not get what we get from The Bread and Roses Barge we doubted no longer. Thank you to all our guests and we look forward to you coming aboard again very soon. We also are looking forward to meeting many more of you of course to test out our theory on a few more souls !

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Line Page
30 mars 2023

What a beautiful space!

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